Resume Writing Service

Resume Writing Service

Now, more than ever, employers are getting massive amounts of resumes for any job posting.  Because of this, job-seekers need a resume that will “stand out” from the others and be screened from the “massive” pile into the “want to learn more about this candidate” pile.  A well-written resume can be the key to connecting positively with a potential employer and can make the difference in getting selected for a job interview – or not.  A resume is important for job seekers because it is the document that shows that:

  • you are qualified
  • that you care about your work
  • that you have an understanding of the world in general

Paraphrasing columnist and career expert Joan Lloyd:  A resume is a first impression. Having your resume professionally written shows that you are willing to invest in yourself. If you are willing to invest in yourself, you will be willing to invest in your future employer.

This is where we can help you.

It is hard for most people to sit down and write about “results”  – good things that happened on the job because of their leadership, thinking, problem solving or other skills.  It is equally as hard for most people to “quantify” their results so that potential employers can readily see value in the job seeker.  Let us design and develop your resume for you. We will interview you to seek an understanding of your “results” and help you quantify them.  We will create keywords for your resume so that employers (most all of them) who are scanning digitally or by hand find words that match their job description. We will help you tell your story through a resume.

Our writer has over 20 years of experience in helping people write resumes, in determining results and successes , in interviewing, screening and recruiting people for positions and in teaching Career Classes including the writing of resumes.


What satisfied customers have said about our resume-writing service

  • “Excellent work. Thanks again for your great work. I believe this new version of my resume will improve my chances of being interviewed.”  L.D.
  • “The changes you made to my resume made a HUGE difference.  Just recently I received two job offers … I am very excited about this opportunity and I would have never received an interview without the changes that were made.”  M.S.
  • “Many thanks for your help…  The resume looks great!  Thank you once again for everything you have done for me…”  P.C. 
  • “I am grateful to have such a great resume as I enter into my new career. I truly appreciate the work you have done to help me move forward with my career. Thank you so much!”  M.M.

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