Grant Writing

Grant writing

Grant writing refers to the practice of completing an application process for funding provided by an institution such as a government department, corporation, foundation or trust. These application processes are often referred to as either grant “proposals” or “submissions.” B&H Premier Consulting has one grant writer on staff and the ability to sub-contract with other grant writers if needed.  Our grant writer has 5+ years of actual grant writing (for other clients) and a good number of years of “contributing” to grant proposals during her 18 years in higher education.  She is well acquainted with the steps and components needed to write a grant proposal as well as the accuracy and attention to deadlines and detail needed.  We also use an online program to search for available grants to support our clients’ needs.

Reasons clients may want B&H Premier Consulting to help them write for grant monies

  • You want to start a new project (for example, you have identified a need in your community, and documented that no support services or related programs exist to address the need).
  • You want to expand an existing project and costs cannot be covered in your current budget (for example, you have a program that serves families living at a certain % of the Federal Poverty Level, but you want to increase that % level which would  increase enrollment numbers and the need for staffing, supplies, etc.).
  • You know of a granting agency that makes awards to pay for the program or initiative that you envision for the need or problem that you have identified
  • You know that you meet the eligibility standards for awards available via grants (for example, some grant awards are limited to educational institutions)
  • You have been invited to apply for a grant award.

Our Process:

1.  Meet with client to understand grant project/need for grant monies

2.  Determine timelines and deadlines involved; discuss all elements/documents needed for a final grant proposal

3.  Review cost of writing grant proposal; B&H charges hourly for grant writing and will customize to client’s grant project

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